Halenerhobudprom Private Joint Stock Company was established according to the decision of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of Ukraine of September 5, 1994 No. 207 by transforming the state enterprise STRYI REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES PLANT into the open joint stock company in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine of June 15, 1993 “On the corporatization of enterprises” No. 210/93. Metal and reinforced concrete structures plant (Halenerhobudprom OJSC since 1994) was put into the operation in 1963 with a design capacity 1,600 m3 of precast reinforced concrete and 4,000 tons of metal constructions in order to provide the construction of power transmission lines 35-330 kV, substation reinforced concrete, metal constructions and metal traverses at power transmission line 35-330 kV. A total electrification of the Soviet Union occurred at that time, and there was a significant demand for products that could replace metal poles of power transmission line. These products are reinforced concrete centrifuged supports, which were the main products of the company. The design capacity of the plant in producing the precast reinforced concrete has increased after modernization to 60,000 m3 of reinforced concrete and 8,000 tons of metal structures.