• reinforced concrete supports provide a much higher quality according to the main indicators than similar products made of metal.


• centrifuged rack are designed for the construction of high-voltage lines in any climatic conditions with not aggressive, low, medium and aggressive degree of influence, established by the project documentation in accordance with SNiP 2.03.11-85, as well as in seismicity of the construction area up to 9 points inclusive.

• centrifuged supports are designed for construction at the estimated temperature up to - 55oC in accordance with SNiP 2.01.07-82 in areas of wind pressure and in the areas of the thickness of the wall of glazed frost in accordance with SNiP 2.01.07-85;

• brand of concrete on cold resistance and water permeability:

 lower than - 40oС– F200 and W8;

 - 40oС and higher – F150 and W6;

• wind loads up to 30 m/sec; warranty term for usage of supports is not less than 50 years.

The process of the centrifuged poles production is complex and multistage. There products require a high-quality concrete mixture. Therefore, the enterprise uses only the high-quality materials from the best suppliers.


Halenerhobudprom PJSC conducts a policy of diversification to enter new target markets and to strengthen its position on the target market by restoring the production of substation and line reinforced concrete that has been almost completely lost during the economic crisis.


Thus, the production of reinforced concrete foundation of type Ф has resumed since 2005.

The enterprise has restored and created new formworks for the production of these products. About 400 pieces of foundations were sold in the first year of production. Introduction of new kinds of products has been continuing up to the present.

Also the production of the following products has started recently:

- reinforced concrete supports (vibrated pole) СВ 95-2 and СВ 105-3.6 (9.5 m and 10.5 m in height);

- piles of ramming and composite type with a square cutting 30x30 cm for housing and industrial construction;

- raised composite foundations and composite foundations of type ФМ-1; ФМ-2; ФПС and ФС;

- foundations for equipment of transformer substations (foundation-beam) – ЛЖ;

- metal poles for power transmission lines 35-750 kV.

Currently the total nomenclature of commodity production of Halenerhobudprom PJSC makes about 200 kinds of products.

Each released product of this list has a certificate of quality, a copy of which is given to the client. The enterprise keeps the originals of all certificates that were given to it after testing for confirmation of conformity. Periodically the Halenerhobudprom PJSC makes a request to Limited Liability Company "Агробуд-Є" (Ternopil city), to carry out tests on the stands of the enterprise in order to confirm the quality of products according to markings. The guarantee term of exploitation of poles of the Halenerhobudprom PJSC is 50 years after its installation, and reinforced concrete materials – 30 years.

The technical control department carries out the internal quality control. The main tasks of the technical control department of Halenerhobudprom PJSC are: the prevention of production (delivery) products by enterprise that do not comply with standards and specifications, approved samples (standards), engineering and technological documentation, and also the improvement of industrial discipline and increase of responsibility of all production links for the quality of manufactured products.

Plant laboratory carries out the current and extraordinary inspections of finished products and postoperative quality control.

The company that has been working in the market of reinforced concrete constructions for building in the energy, industrial and civil engineering since 1963. During this period it has obtained the reputation of a reliable partner, whose products are in demand among consumers of Ukraine and CIS countries because of the high quality and reliability.


 Transportation of products is performed by cars, gondola cars, platforms and turnstile devices on the platforms for transportation the reinforced concrete products and poles by railway. Transportation by railway is the most suitable for the transportation of large consignments of the centrifuged poles and other products and is used mostly. The special turnstile devices manufactured by the company are used for mounting the poles on the platform. 10, 12, 16, 18 poles СК or 6, 9 poles СЦ can be carried out at 1 coupler (2 platforms). This type of transportation is the cheapest at wholesale party transportation over long distances. The company pays Ukrzaliznytsia the for freight transport services in the amount determined in the general railway fares. The company has its own railway branch with length 2500m.