Three shops are operating for release the centrifuged poles for power transmission lines 35-750 kV:

- Shop ЦФО-1 - specializes in production of conical poles for PTL СК 22.2-1.0 with voltage 35-110 kV;

- Shop ЦФО-2 – specializes in production of poles СК 26.2-1.0 with voltage 110, 220, 330 kV and power 10000 m3;

- Shop ЦФО-3 – specializes in production of cylindrical 20-meter poles СЦ 20.2-1.0

Ø 800 mm for lines with voltage 330, 500, 750 kV.

The following shops are also operating in the enterprise:

- Shop of reinforced concrete products ЗБВ (polygon) – specializes in production of foundations for PTL metal poles, type Ф, road plates ДП, crossbars, piles of square cut and other substation reinforced concrete;

- Shop of metal structures – specializes in production of metal structures, brands УБ, ПБ and metal traverse for power transmission lines with voltage 35, 110, 150, 220, 330, 500 kV;

- Concrete mixing shop;

- Mechanical repair shop – includes 23 different metalworking machines. There is a section for the production of non-standard equipment, created in the shop, which allows producing the formworks, metal forms for new kinds of products in its own capacities;

- Energy power shop;

- Steam power shop;

- Transport shop;

The general warehouses of raw materials, materials and finished goods make 180,000 m2 including a covered one - 600 m2.

 Plant Measurement Laboratory (PML) is a separate structural unit of Halenerhobudprom PJSC that meets the criteria of certification and is certified for performing the measurements in the field and/or outside the sphere of state metrological supervision. The main function of the laboratory is the measurement in the sphere of the state metrological supervision. In addition, the PML performs the following functions:

 Provides the competent measurements at the stage of production and operation of objects, mentioned in the certification area;

 Takes part in the realization of arbitration measurements and in works on verification the activities of other certified laboratories;


 The introduction of new measuring equipment, probationary equipment and new technologies.