Welcome to the website of PJSC "GALENERGOBUDPROM"


PJSC "GALENERGOBUDPROM" occupies the leading place in the construction industry of power engineering, is the monopolist in the production of poles СЦ 20.0-1.0 with the length of 20m.,with the diameter of 800mm for the construction of power lines with voltage of 330,550,750 kV, as well as in the production of turnstile devices for railway transportation of poles high-voltage lines with the length 20,22 and 26 meters from 9 to 18 pieces on twin platforms.

      Except power construction the company specializes in the production of reinforced concrete products for construction and metalware for the needs of other branches of economics.

      Having been working in the market of reinforced concrete structures for the construction in power engineering, industrial and civil construction since 1963 the company has earned a reputation of reliable partner, whose products due to high quality and reliability, is in the demand among consumers of Ukraine and CIS countries.

   PJSC "GALENERGOBUDPROM" sells its products to: electric power companies, industrial enterprises, construction companies that serve power system of Ukraine, intermediary organizations.

      The company has an operational experience in the foreign market. Moldova, Russia and the Baltic countries are the importers of products of PJSC "GALENERGOBUDPROM".